Become a Milk & Curd Distributor

  • Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Limited (KMF), the second largest dairy co-operative in India has developed “Nandini” as a household name for fresh and pure milk and milk products.
  • As a C&F agent for Nandini Goodlife products for more than a decade, SHRE SSR Enterpprisess represent their principles, values and culture.
  • Our mission to deliver the quality products for a minimum price at customer’s door-step is possible only with an efficient networking. Now, SHRE SSR Enterprises is providing an opportunity to join the network by becoming milk and curd distributor.
  • Who is Milk & Curd distributor?

    Distributors are the brand ambassadors of the federation and Company/ C&F. They are given a distributorship responsibility for an area/ward or wards based on their investment. Their main role is marketing the products and distributing milk and curd to the milk agents/vendors, shop keepers, businesses, hotels, etc. How much you can earn?.

    Being a Distributor, you get an opportunity to earn a monthly income of INR 2,00,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/- or more depending upon the investment and efforts. Additionally, they can also earn by marketing milk products such as ghee, butter, cheese, sweets, etc. We believe that, with the right plan& efforts and our guidance even an uneducated/ inexperienced person could become a successful distributor.

    How to become a Milk & Curd Distributor?

  • Financial capacity: The applicant should have financial soundness to invest around INR 3,00,000 to INR 6,00,000.

  • Infrastructure: The applicant shall have a cold storage room for holding the stocks of minimum 1000 litres and upto a capacity of 3000 litres at the temperature ranging from 3° centigrade to 4° centigrade.

  • Margin: A distributor margin of Rs 1.85 per litre on Toned Milk is offered by the Federation which will be discounted at the time of billing.

  • Cash & Carry basis: The products will be supplied at a special price based on a distribution price structure on a cash and carry basis through app system only.

  • Terms & Conditions: Company/C&F reserves the right to decide the nominal security and conditions anytime without any prior notice.


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